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First Edition. 02/16/2006
Last Modified. 02/16/2006

Editing with TinyMCE (Javascript WYSIWYG Editor)

SummaryEditing with TinyMCE (Javascript WYSIWYG Editor)
Compatible VersionsVerified with 1.4.6-u1-i18n
First Edition02/16/2006
Last Modified02/16/2006

This page is written in both English and Japanese.

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This plugin enables you to edit with TinyMCE, a Javascript WYSIWYG Editor. It means this plugin enables to edit as a Word Processor Software and to copy and paste web pages. Please refer official page TinyMCE about what we can do. You may see Example first.

This is dangerous because this allows all HTML codes to be typed. Therefore, please configure Pukiwiki so that only specific people can edit. Please refer ../ because this is using ../

I apologize that only for Pukiwiki Plus! is prepared now.

I'll explain a bit for developers. I downloaded TinyMCE, and copied plugin/ and lib/html.php#edit_form to another plugin file, and modified it to let it work with TinyMCE, and used ../ to pass through raw HTML codes which are outputted by TinyMCE.


How to install

You need to download TinyMCE,, and

First of all, please download TinyMCE, and unarchive it. Next, place "tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce" into your pukiwiki's skin directory as "skin/tiny_mce". Please download ../ and, and place them into your plugin directory.

Let's try to use. Open 'Edit' page, modify 'cmd=edit' of URL to 'cmd=mceedit', and call it. If textarea was transformed to TinyMCE instance, congratulation. If not? I have no idea.

I made bookmarklets located below to call 'cmd=mceedit' conveniently. I assume you know what bookmarklet is. MCEEdit is for whole page, and PartMCEEdit is for paragraph editing. Someone would like to modify skin to add MCEEdit link, but let me omit it here.



How to use

To use mceedit for whole page, whole page has to be enclosed by



To use mceedit for a paragraph, the whole paragraph has to enclosed as



After making sure they are enclosed, call above bookmarklets.

How to configure

If you like to configure TinyMCE, add codes at below lines

	mode : "specific_textareas", 
	editor_selector : "mceEditor"
</script>'; //TinyMCE

which are placed at last part of

About configuration of TinyMCE, plase refer TinyMCE Documentation or examples placed below at TinyMCE Installation instruction or TinyMCE Configuration reference .


Please remove the numbered extention, and put into plugin directory.

FileDateWhat's new Edition. For Pukiwiki Plus!

Compatibility Check

Please join us to check compatibilities.


Selection Vote
PHP4 0
PHP5 0
1.3.7 0
1.4.3 0
1.4.4 0
1.4.5_1 0
1.4.6 0
1.4.7 0
1.4.5plus-eucjp 0
1.4.6plus-u1-eucjp 0
1.4.6plus-u2-eucjp 0
1.4.5plus-u2-i18n 1
1.4.6plus-u1-i18n 1
1.4.6plus-u2-i18n 0
1.4.7plus-i18n 0
1.4.7plus-u2-i18n 0


Selection Vote
PHP4 0
PHP5 0
1.3.7 0
1.4.3 0
1.4.4 1
1.4.5_1 0
1.4.6 0
1.4.7 1
1.4.5plus-eucjp 0
1.4.6plus-u1-eucjp 0
1.4.6plus-u2-eucjp 0
1.4.5plus-u2-i18n 0
1.4.6plus-u1-i18n 0
1.4.6plus-u2-i18n 0
1.4.7plus-i18n 2
1.4.7plus-u2-i18n 1


I chose TinyMCE from three major WYSIWYG editors, FCKEditor, HTMLArea, TinyMCE because it looked most easy to configure at first time. It sounds either FCKEditor or TinyMCE is fine.

I could have done development in about 20 minuits, but I guess it took 3 hours to write this page... (..;


FCKEditor だと FCKEditor 用プラグインを書くことで HTML 以外を出力させることもできるらしい。 MoinMoin はそれを用いて、FCKEditor で Wiki 文法を書けるようにしている。すごい。