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First Edition. 06/10/2006
Last Modified. 06/10/2006

Creation or edition of attached files on wiki pages

SummaryCreation or edition of attached files on a wiki page
Compatible VersionsVerified with Pukiwiki Plus 1.4.6-u1-i18n
First Edition06/10/2006
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This page is written in both English and Japanese.


This plugin enables to create or edit attached files on wiki pages. No more bothersome upload!

To use this plugin, the current page must be frozen or edit_authed ($edit_auth at pukiwiki.ini.pph) or whole system must be PKWK_READONLY mode.

I had an idea to restrict only when attached files are overwritten and not to restrict on the first creation of them as attach plugin, but I decided to restrict even on the first creation because this plugin makes too easy to create attached files.

However, some plugins might be not caring freezing or $edit_auth or PKWK_READONLY, and enabling to edit freely. If such plugins exist, your system will be in danger. Please be careful. For example, #comment enables to write comments even if the page is $edit_authed or frozen. We can not use block plugin with #comment if default, so it should be fine. But, #article??


How to use



  • filename
    • The filename of attached file.
  • contents
    • The contents of attached file.


  • page=PageName
    • A page to be attached the file. Default is the current page.
  • reset
    • Overwrites the attached file. Default does nothing if the file exists.
  • show
    • Shows contents of the attached file with pre tag. Default shows nothing


Please put into plugin directory.

DateWhat's new
06/10/2006First Edition


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